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 Scales,  Winery Scales,  Vineyard Scales,  Bench Scales,  and  Laboratory Balances.  ,               floor scales also available.

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         Scales,        Winery Scales,     Vineyard  Scales,                
                   Lab. Balances,   Bench scales,  

Sonoma    CA.       U.S.A.                     (Wine Country).

We sell them, rent them, store, and restore them.
Old fashioned service and reliability.



A real brick and mortar company,
providing scales, for  winery  and  vineyard weighing.
 Wine Country Balance,  will specify exactly the proper scale for todays winery and vineyard requirements.           (since 1977)
Built, by superior fabricators, these rugged, yet portable, scales can endure all types of weather, bumping, and even dropping.
Like  the old  fashioned  American made equipment it is,  15 to 20 years of  first life use can be achieved.
Press Release 07/04/14
FREE ADVICE:  Buy a high quality, durable scale, made for the job you are going to do.
Take care of it .
more FREE ADVICE: Give us a call,
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With the Lid off, you can see it's not just a square that weighs things. This is the insides of  Very High Quality.


Perfectly Serviced, these Winery scales are ready to go to work 

      No one  else does this.

What do we do? and How do we do it?With the help of our big mechanical friend, we deliver,set and test your scale right where it needs to be.
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